The end is near

Just got home from a 10 mile run. We actually got to run a good portion of the run in daylight tonight. That plus the temperature was in the 40s which was a nice treat as well. I can’t believe though that this weekend marks our last long training run. 22 miles! We did a 22 miler last weekend and it went pretty well. I actually didn’t start to feel it until about mile 18. I only hope this week goes so well. I have been running much more with my friend Katrina. It’s great to have someone to keep pace with, especially when running 3+hours! We’ll run together again on Saturday so hopefully, that will help me get through a little easier. Man, it will be nice when that is done. After that, the distances we run and weekly mileage drops up until the marathon. It will be a welcome treat when my longest run of the week is 9 miles! 25 days and counting!

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