Running again with an old friend and Happy Birthday DAD!!

Despite some warm weather and a busy schedule, I was able to log 30 quality miles this week. Following my 5 miler along the Jersey shore last Sunday, I was tricked into a treadmill run on Wednesday. While I much rather would have been outside, the sheets of rain falling in Kenmore Square and a 7:00 dinner date with my visiting mom left me resigned to the treadmill for 6 miles of speedwork. Somehow, it wasn’t torturous and I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner, and the company, at East Coast Grill afterwards.

Friday morning I ran again. Usually Friday mornings runs are not my best and I try to avoid them. Perhaps my legs felt refreshed after yoga Thursday night, or perhaps it was a fluke, but I was cruising. And sweating. And apparently Garmin doesn’t like sweat. So while I know I ran well, I was disappointed when I could not turn my watch off for several minutes after I finished, leaving me to only guess what a good Friday morning run I really had.
But the icing on the cake was today’s long run. I made it 13.5 miles up and down the Charles, with a detour into Boston. But the best part was the 4.5 miles I ran with my old running pal, Brenna. Although we trained hours together each week before the marathon, we have only run together once since. So it was a real treat. And she always pushes me a bit (even when she says she feels like crap), so I ran a bit better than usual as well.
Finally, I want to wish a big Happy Birthday to my Dad! I’ve been secretly planning his birthday present for weeks and his email to thank me this week made my day. I could see him smiling as I read it. Although I have never swung a golf club (excluding putters on courses with windmills), my dad consistently asks me to golf with him. I always decline, insisting it would be no fun for me or those behind us, if I were to attempt to play. So in June, I decided my gift to him (and maybe partly to me too) would be to go golfing with him. I officially added a new sport to my resume and I signed up for lessons (And look who made the website!).
I’m heading home at the end of the month and the plan is to play together then. I’m off to the driving range a few more times before then and while I don’t think it will be pretty, I’m at least ready to try. Plus, if my dad is half as happy golfing together as he sounded when I told him, then it’s all worth it.

2 Comments on “Running again with an old friend and Happy Birthday DAD!!

  1. So nice of you to make your old Dad happy. And you look pretty good on that website!

  2. Hooray for running together again! Bring on training for Boston 2012! 🙂