Hello old friend, it’s been a while…

Today, I decided to run my long run on the hills of Newton along Comm Ave and Washington Street in Newton/Wellesley. I’m pretty sure I have not run these hills since the marathon. However, with the BAA Half Marathon and its rolling hills just 5 weeks away, it was time to stop running flatter courses.

I’m not sure why I decided today was a good day to come back to the hills. I had a 10 mile run with 6 miles at 10K pace in the middle. Sure, I’ll run hills for the first time in months and it will be fine to run them harder than my typical long run pace. Good idea.
Actually, it wasn’t so bad. It helped tremendously that the weather was um, awesome. Sunny, but a nice breeze that made even a headwind feel nice. It didn’t stop me from sweating like a running faucet though.
Slightly intimidated by the tempo portion of my run, I did plan my route so that my first fast miles were down hill. Smart decision or not, I’m not sure. I felt great the first mile and good miles 2 and 3. Mile 4 was more difficult and Mile 5 landed me running up not-called-Grossman’s-Hill-anymore hill.* I won’t lie, I did not hit my split for that mile. But I’m glad I ran it because a) I have a pace to beat next time and b) I then got to run down it for my last fast mile.
I coasted back to my car for my last 2 miles at a very comfortable pace. I was happy to be done, sweaty, but not dead tired. This possibly means I could have run those middle miles a bit harder. But nonetheless, I ran the 10 miles faster than I would have for a training run, hopefully preparing me for the half in a few weeks.
While I may have needed a little space following the marathon, I think the hills and I can be friends again. See you next week, pal.
*Not-called-Grossman’s-Hill-anymore hill is a .4 mile hill in Wellesley/Newton Lower Falls along Washington Street where Grossman’s Lumber used to be. I’ve been corrected for still referring to it as Grossman’s hill, but as it is still the way I identify that hill, I have altered it’s name slightly until the construction of the new store in that location is completed.