A cold day to run, but warm and fuzzy inside

1 pair of socks
2 pairs of running tights
2 long sleeved shirts
1 jacket
1 pair of gloves with flip-top mittens
1 ski hat
1 pair of sunglasses

This was my attire for today’s 16 mile long run.  The forecast at the time I ran was 23 degrees with 21 mph winds, making it feel like 10 degrees.  It was chilly.

After the Old Fashioned Ten Miler was cancelled on Sunday, I debated trying to go out and run in the wind and slush.  While I wanted to get the run over with (and running today was not roses), it seemed like the better alternative.  Either day I was going to be cold, at least today it was sunny and dry.

For the most part my choice of clothing was well-suited for the weather.  I had never tried running in 2 pairs of tights before, but I will say my behind and I are now huge fans.  And while I unzipped my jacket a bit while running with a tail wind, I zipped that bad boy all the way up and buried my chin as I faced the headwinds.

Not the most exciting run, I did 2 loops, or thereabouts, from Chestnut Hill Ave to the fire station and back on Comm Ave along the marathon course.  Mostly shoveled sidewalks and the plowed carriage road made for simpler navigation on a day when other roads were still a bit messy.

But it was still challenging.  Sixteen miles alone when the weather is not very friendly was not a great way to run.  The first 12 miles went ok, however the last 4 were ugly.  Eh, it happens.  Overall, for a cold, windy and hilly run, after 2 weeks on inconsistent training, it was not that bad.

What actually kept me going (and got me out there in the first place, I’ll be honest) was the outpouring of generosity from friends and family towards my fundraising goals for the Alzheimer’s Association this weekend.  Seventeen people made donations this holiday weekend!  So many that I cannot even keep up with sending thank yous!  (Sorry, they’re coming!)  From family members to friends I have not talked to in months or years to my old high school volleyball coach, I am honored that they chose to support me and an organization I believe it so important.  And to have some of these folks thank ME for training for this race…well, it was pretty incredible.  It provided me with a solid reminder of why I needed to put on all that spandex and  go for a run today.